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The Power of Community & Perseverance: Spiro•naut Page Lockhart’s Journey to the 2023 CrossFit Games

It’s an achievement more than a decade in the making—one that proves that life doesn’t slow down when you reach age 65.

Spiro•naut Page Lockhart is competing in 2023’s NoBull CrossFit Games on Aug. 1-6. To get there, this Senior Graphic Designer ranked 10th in the Semifinal & 9th worldwide for her age group (Women 65+). The recognition is no small feat—the CrossFit Games are this sport’s equivalent to the Olympics, where top athletes participate in some of the world’s most challenging workouts.

Page started her journey 12 years ago at her gym, where she learned the CrossFit movements & the competition’s inner workings alongside her CrossFit Bridgewater community, who encouraged her to train at the elite level.

“The power of the community is everything,” Page says. When you have genuine support & encouragement, you believe you can do anything!”

Page trained, competed & earned spots in the top 20 globally in the CrossFit Games from 2012 to 2015. Then the Quarterfinals & Semifinals were added—each requiring six strenuous workouts. After the pandemic, CrossFit upped the ante, allowing only 20 master athletes from the top 50 at Semifinals to compete in the final Games.

As the competition got fiercer, Page finished just four spots short of punching her ticket to the 2022 CrossFit Games. So, she transformed her mindset, put on her sweatbands & got to work.

“I wanted to make it back there just one more time,” Page says. “I know you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Page leaned on her CrossFit Bridgewater community members—especially when training grew difficult. These connections became an extended family to Page, always in her corner & pushing Page beyond her comfort zone to achieve her goals. That encouragement, combined with determination, cinched Page’s spot in this year’s event.

“There is no greater strength than the strength of being lifted up by others,” Page says. “This is how facing adversity and conquering your goals takes place. It is in the power of community that you push yourself beyond your limits & reach new heights. It’s hard, but it’s where accomplishment & rewards happen.”

Page’s grit & passion for community extend beyond the competition sphere, where she infuses her tenacity & motivation with inspiration to help clients across industries impactfully connect & build brand communities with their audiences through their events & experiences.  

“What drives me is pushing yourself beyond what you think you are capable of, Page says. “I love the way competition & the creative process complement each other! Connect & lean on those who are ‘in-Spiro-ing’ to you. Through my creative community, I know I can learn & be inspired by others to tackle the toughest of projects.”

As Page adds another chapter in her inspiring story, follow her journey & cheer her on via the CrossFit Games website & through her Instagram, @paginatornation.