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Spiro™ Reveals How Brands Can Build High-Impact Consumer Communities with Latest n·Spiro™ Theme “Beyond the Room”

Series references white papers, practical applications, interviews & other resources to highlight different areas of relevance for marketing, event planning professionals

LAS VEGAS, June 29, 2023 –Spiro™, the global brand experience agency for the NEW NOW™, introduces the newest installment of its thought leadership series, n·Spiro™, revealing how brands can build strong, high-impact brand communities in “Beyond the Room: The Four Phases of Community.” The n·Spiro program explores a variety of topics relevant to today’s marketing, branding and event professionals, with the latest theme focusing on how and why brands should go beyond transactional exchanges to build deeper relationships with their customers—by sparking connections that turn into continuing brand communities long after an “event” ends.

 “Beyond the Room” examines just how critical fostering human connection is for today’s audiences — and how brands can design events & experiences for connections that can be nurtured in between brand activations and beyond. While connecting and establishing relationships with consumers has always been an important part of conducting business, being intentional about creating community is especially important today. That’s because the last few years have left people facing “experience deficits,” or declines in the amount and quality of time that they spend with like-minded people.

“At the heart of the human condition is a desire for connection,” said Beki Winchel, Spiro’s Director of Thought Leadership & Innovation. “We as people want to feel seen, heard and valued. We want to find spaces to interact with others who share our values and have those values reflected back to us.”

This theme, “Beyond the Room,” focuses on the power of building brand community, and how brands and marketing professionals can purposefully design experiences that invite and foster lasting connection between participants, audiences and brands—both “in the room” of a brand’s event and far beyond it.  

“People attend events, but they join communities,” said Jeff Stelmach, Spiro’s Global President. “Today’s event professionals need to be intentional about designing experiences that unite and connect audiences where they are and how they want to engage, no matter how the mediums, messaging or delivery methods have changed.  

n·Spiro’s thought leadership program includes insights from brand experience leaders across industries and explores a wide range of topics that help brands forge deeper relationships with their audiences. For more about Spiro and the agency’s ongoing efforts to educate others through n·Spiro, visit

About Spiro

Spiro is the global brand experience agency for the NEW NOW™. We create global events and experiences that redefine how humans connect, and we bring them to life across integrated physical, digital, mobile and hybrid mediums. Working with some of the world's most recognized brands, Spiro’s strategists, creators, innovators, builders, marketers and specialists are skilled in analytic & strategic event management, creative design, and production. Working together, we deliver high-impact experiential exhibits, conferences & events, product launches, sponsorship activations, and consumer pop-ups that unite audiences – wherever they may be.