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Spiro·naut Feature: Tony Vasquez

Our Spiro•nauts are dreamers, storytellers & story-makers, creating out-of-this-world experiences that defy gravity. They come from all backgrounds & walks of life, sharing their unique, interesting (and hilarious) stories to introduce you to their authentic selves. 

Meet Spiro·naut Antonio (Tony) Vasquez, Interactive Project Manager on our Event Operations team! Tony is a technology enthusiast that uses his resourceful problem-solving skills to “Swiss army knife” his way through roadblocks & challenges to help execute visionary experiences.  

With a can-do attitude & a creative spirit, Tony brings the heat to the events industry & the grill top. So, grab the barbeque sauce, turn on your favorite ‘80s movie & get to know Tony! 

What superpower do you bring to work? 

My superpower is the ability to “Swiss-Army knife” my way through situations. I’m not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone, utilize my knowledge & help the team execute/set ideas in motion.  

How do you refine and sharpen your skills?  

I refine my skills by keeping up with trends in new technologies. I had the opportunity to go to CES 2023 this past January in Las Vegas, the mecca of the tech industry. I felt like I was in Nirvana while I was there! 

What excites you about your work & our industry? 

One day you are creating budgets, the next you’re working on deliverables & timelines for 3D motion graphics, all while simultaneously building on processes and SOPs. Every day is something new & I love how our team collaborates! 

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited?  

I was able to watch & listen in on the Zoom interviews for the Super Bowl LV (2020-2021) Media Day for both the Kansas City Chiefs & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was pretty cool to see the behind-the-scenes production for the NFL players, including Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes! I also have screenshots of the Zoom calls with my picture to "flex" about it. LOL! 

What makes Spiro™ stand out from other agencies? 

Spiro values creativity & authenticity. With these two important values, we create an environment for all employees to feel validated & supported so that they can innovate & try new things.  

What’s an interesting fact that people may be surprised to learn about you? 

Growing up in Texas, I learned how to smoke & grill different kinds of meat. My favorite woods to smoke with are hickory & oak, although I have used applewood as well for pork shoulders & chops. I also have a Webber grill that I occasionally use if I miss that charcoal flavor. Currently, I am looking to add a Kamado or Green Egg smoker to the arsenal.  

What else would you like to share from your world?  

My other hobbies & interests include listening to Hi-Res (FLAC) music, trail biking, watching movies & television shows in the decade of 1980. I have a family which includes two kids Sophia (age 12), Oliver (age 9) & my wife (who never ages)!  

I have killer dad jokes & memes, I work out on my “dad bod,” I like Texas Longhorns football & enjoy reading. 

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