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Spiro·naut Feature: Czarie Caragan

Our Spiro•nauts are dreamers, storytellers & story-makers, creating out-of-this-world experiences that defy gravity. They come from all backgrounds & walks of life, sharing their unique, interesting (and hilarious) stories to introduce you to their authentic selves. 

Czarie Caragan is a Business Development Associate who is as enthusiastic about helping clients achieve their goals as she is about her love of music! She’s passionate about staying positive & at the top of her game while making lasting memories with family.  

So, lace up your hiking boots, download the latest industry publication & dive into Czarie’s world!What superpower do you bring to work? 

I am enthusiastic about being a team player! From having the flexibility to meet certain requirements to keen attention to detail, I bring my A-game every day. I believe you can inspire the people around you when you emulate positive energy. 

How do you refine & sharpen your skills?  

Every day is a new day for learning.  

I follow industry-related social media profiles & read news online to keep myself up to date on the latest trends. I research Spiro's past events & review the impact they had on our client's brand direction as well as our team's revenue aspects. I ask questions if needed & broaden my knowledge by attending trade exhibitions & even online forums. 

What excites you about your work & our industry? 

I am so proud to be part of Spiro & to help bring New WOW experiences to brands we work with. I talk to clients across business sectors to bring them creative suggestions to further cater to their goals. Every project pushes me to be better & more innovative than the last.  

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited?  

My husband & I love to bring our kids on nature trips to places like the Grand Canyon in Arizona & Lake Tahoe in Northern Nevada. We always marvel at the fact that beautiful places like that exist. 

What makes Spiro™ stand out from other agencies? 

We are now in a world that is rapidly evolving. Spiro adapts to these changes & sees to it that we cater not just to what we normally see, but Spiro brings out the best in every project we handle. 

What’s an interesting fact that people may be surprised to learn about you? 

Music is my first love! I love singing & maybe one day I’ll be able to perform for all of you! 

What else would you like to share from your world?  

I love working out & my current routine is going to Burn Bootcamp. I am committed to it weekly at 5 a.m., four times a week! 

Be content. Be grateful. Always see the good in other people. 

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