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Spiro·naut Feature: Eugenio Callejas

Wonder what makes our Spiro•nauts out of this world while thriving in the NEW NOW™? Check out our series featuring behind-the-scenes peeks of what drives their distinctive THERE•ness™!

Spiro·naut Eugenio Callejas, Director of Digital Technology, is a creative problem solver with a passion for people. Read more about Eugenio’s experiences in his home country of Nicaragua, along with his perspective on cultivating connections, harnessing spontaneous creativity, and spending time with the ones you love.

Coming to you from “the middle of nowhere” in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, check out this glimpse into Eugenio’s world—both in and outside of work.

What superpower do you bring to work?

I love to solve problems and figure out technology and tools that help us create amazing experiences.

How do you refine and sharpen your skills?

I like to tinker with new software and tech. When I'm on-site, I love to talk shop with the folks in black and the people who are rolling up their sleeves, getting stuff done, and making things work.

What excites you about your work and our industry?

There is so much creativity in our industry and it’s not always manifested by pixels, paper and plywood.

We get to be creative with workflows, processes & procedures, and we get to be creative with how we utilize each other's strengths and talents.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited?

The coolest place I've visited is my home country of Nicaragua. My people have made so much with so little. It always amazes and humbles me to see how they constantly use their ingenuity and creativity to progress and move forward despite their circumstances.

What makes Spiro™ stand out from other agencies?

We are in the business of creating communities, and that starts with the relationships we have with both our coworkers and our clients.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people, many of whom developed into close working friendships. Spiro provides an environment for people to be their best: The people here love their jobs, and happy people make cool stuff!

What’s an interesting fact about you that people may be surprised to learn?

When I tell people that my wife and I have five kids, they usually spit up their coffee.

We have four boys and one girl—and yes, we planned it that way! We both came from big families, so when we got married, we decided we wanted a big family too!

Yes, sometimes (most times), it's crazy—but we wouldn't trade it for anything.


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