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Immersing Yourself in Elton John’s Style: A Spiro•nod to the Rocket Man’s ARL™ Experiences

Elton John recently announced that he is launching several pop-up stores across Europe to celebrate his new eyewear brand through The Bicester Collection, with the first store in London opening in a riot of color. The new store openings come in the midst the of Elton’s final world tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.” Even for European fans, the store openings allow for a much more accessible piece of the pop star.

We’re giving a Spiro•nod to this stylish way to promote a global tour with ARL™ (All Real Life) experiences that inspire, encourage self-expression & promote fan engagement & community.

The Rocket Man himself helped design the collection of 75 frames that appear in the pop-up locations, in addition to clothing and other merch. Elton is well known for his outrageous fashion, and specifically, his insane spectacles.

“Self-expression is at the core of everything I do. I learned long ago that my style is what gives me confidence, and I just don’t feel myself without my glasses.”

With Elton’s new collection, you’re transported into his shoes as one of the most stylish and beloved icons of the 20th century. You don’t have to attend a concert or enter an impersonator competition to become fully immersed in his world. Between the yellow store walls, hanging disco balls and groovy art, patrons can feel as though they’re in the middle of the action, without shelling out major money for tickets.

The audience interaction doesn’t stop there: When you purchase a pair of the Elton John Eyewear through Bicester Collection, you become a part of one of John’s most impassioned causes–the fight against AIDS. For every pair purchased, 10% is donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, dedicated to ending the epidemic by 2030.


While shopping online for glasses is an option for the global crowd, Elton’s collection doesn’t offer a home try-on program like some eyewear retailers.  But even for the international crowd, the singer has something spectacular up his befeathered sleeves.

In partnership with Roblox, fans can step on stage virtually and join Elton in “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road.” This virtual stop on Elton’s last physical tour gives the audience a chance to wear some of his most iconic costumes—co-designed by the community—and sing along to chart-topping favorites like “Rocket Man,” “Hold Me Closer” & “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Fans can also collaborate with one another on trivia games & daily challenges, making connections as they would at one of his tour stops—but from wherever THEY are.

By moving past only IRL or URL to instead create ARL experiences that connect fans & nurture the singer’s brand community, everyone from the most ardent fans to the casual listener can experience a piece of pop culture history.