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Savoring Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey with a Multi-Sensory Experience

Johnnie Walker is playing host to a limited-edition, indulgent experience with their pop-up at Landmark in Hong Kong. Going beyond taste & smell, Johnnie Walker plunges groups of up to eight attendees into a whisky tasting that they won’t soon forget.

We’re giving a Spiro•nod to this luxurious & exclusive event that engages all of attendees’ senses in an ARL™ (All Real Life) experience that sparks brand community by putting guests at the center of the brand’s storytelling. Reservations are required if you want a spot at the table, and many sessions are already sold out, testifying to the power & appeal of the immersive pop-up.

Participants are welcomed into a multifaceted 360-degree box of LED screens, mirrored flooring, “ultra-realistic” motion content & sound scaping, where they’re able to interact dynamically through bilateral dialogue, giving them a chance to become a part of the brand’s storytelling.

After passing through an Instagrammable “Tunnel to Paradise” adorned with mirrors & light tubes, attendees assemble in the tasting room with a round table, where the real feast for the senses begins. Surrounded by a constantly changing audiovisual LED wall, guests don headphones featuring custom soundscapes to take the experience to the next level. To enhance the taste & aroma of Blue Label, guests drink from custom Riedel glasses in different shapes to bring out different flavor profiles.

After the tasting, guests can marvel at a few of the rarest bottles of Johnnie Walker on display in a mini museum that invites guests to harken back to previous times & explore the brand’s milestones throughout its history. Bottles of Blue Label can be engraved on-site, offering attendees a time-stamped memory from the exclusive experience.

So, what can you take away from this Spiro•nod?

  • Audiences want total immersion. Throwing up LED screens & pumping in some fog are no longer enough to keep attendees engaged. Use a variety of event tech, integrated into innovative spatial design, so you can invite your audiences to completely sink into your experience. Engaging multiple senses offers your brand more sticking power in your audiences’ minds, post-experience.

  • Sometimes, analog is key. Though there is a bevy of event tech & constant talk of the metaverse & digital experiences, don’t forget the power that analog experiences have to grab audience attention. By designing for your audience, you empower them to experience your brand how they choose to engage. By using the power of sound & smell, you help lodge your experience into attendees’ minds, creating deeper & longer-lasting connections. 

Use these takeaways to create your own innovative experience that more deeply connects audiences to each other & your brand—during the activation & long after. We’ll toast to that!