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Spiro·naut Feature: Virginia Ocampo

Wonder what makes our Spiro•nauts out of this world while thriving in the NEW NOW™? Check out our series featuring behind-the-scenes peeks at what drives their distinctive THERE•ness™!

Spiro·naut Virginia Ocampo, Global Strategist on our Strategy team loves to help bring experiences to life through thoughtful, creative strategy. Read Virginia’s take on strategizing with purpose & stepping outside of her comfort zone to experience different cultures & discover new perspectives, both in and outside of work. 

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina & coming to you from Cornwall, United Kingdom—check out this look into Virginia’s world.

What superpower do you bring to work?

Strategic and creative thinking, as well as a deep understanding of brands and market trends. As I see it, the purpose of strategy is to move a brand forward in the right direction. In the same way that we need purpose in our lives, brands need a purposeful strategy, and I am passionate about delivering this to our clients.

How do you refine and sharpen your skills?

Continual learning! Learning about different topics is something I enjoy.

In this industry, things change constantly—no matter how much experience one has. I often take my knowledge and understanding of things out of my comfort zone, and question things differently to find a new perspective.

What excites you about your work and our industry?

I take great pleasure in seeing how brands are becoming more dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities and the environment. This is because we help them connect with their audiences in more creative, purposeful and strategic ways.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited?

That's a tough one! I would probably say having lived and worked in Beijing for two years planning and executing the 2008 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It was an incredible experience embracing a completely different culture, celebrating, and sharing a historical moment with them. I made amazing friends during those years, and I will always remember them fondly.

What makes Spiro™ stand out from other agencies?

In this industry where I have worked for over 20 years, Spiro's strategic approach working with clients is truly unique. The fact that we have a global team of talented in-house professionals, ranging from strategy, creative, operation, marketing and measurement, makes Spiro the perfect partner for brands.

What’s an interesting fact that people may be surprised to learn about you?

I have lived in six countries, on three continents, and speak five languages. In public, my daughters and I switch between languages if we want to keep our conversation private! :)

What else would you like to share from your world?

My parents are of Spanish, Italian, and British descent, while both of my daughters were born in Germany.

I am passionate about interior design, crafts and painting. We are blessed to live on the breathtaking Cornish coast, where I enjoy swimming and walking with my daughters and our golden retriever, Murph.

I cherish the memories I have of my beloved hometown in Buenos Aires, particularly the family gatherings, the sunshine, the countryside and horseback riding with my brothers and friends—and our world-famous “asados” [barbeque]!

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