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Spiro·naut Feature: Robert Tu

Wonder what makes our Spiro•nauts out of this world while thriving in the NEW NOW™? Check out our series featuring behind-the-scenes peeks of what drives their distinctive THERE•ness™!

Meet Spiro·naut Robert Tu, Senior Experience Designer, and check out how he refines his skillset, produces exceptional experiences for clients, and keeps his creativity flowing.  

Coming to you from the state of California, this is a glimpse into Robert’s world—both in and outside of work.

What superpower do you bring to work?

I have the ability to press one button and watch my computer do all the work while I drink my coffee – JK! I've learned that you can't rely on one thing or one method. You need to find ways to adapt to new situations.

For example, with the current state of technology and video conferencing, often I will open up 3ds Max and "3D sketch" designs on the fly while collaborating with clients. Knocking the stuff out visually on the spot really opens up communication and builds a good partnership.

So, I guess my superpower is the ability to make things happen on the fly!

How do you refine and sharpen your skills?

Being open and going out to see things. See old things, see new things – figure out how they work and don't work. Absorb everything like a sponge. These experiences are very helpful when collaborating and brainstorming in creating a new design.

What excites you about your work and our industry?

I've been doing this for over 20 years and it’s still wild to see how a small sketch or idea ends up on the show floor and creates an experience for people.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited?

When I was young and in college, I did the thing – I went to Taiwan and taught English to grade school kids during the summer. It gave me a completely different perspective on the day-to-day here in the [United] States and how vastly different other cultures are. It also allowed me to really test out my Chinese speaking skills.

What makes Spiro stand out from other agencies?

From what I've been witnessing, we are a team. Spiro is stacked and will change the world!

What’s an interesting fact that people may be surprised to learn about you?

Personal trivia: My nickname that everyone calls me is "R2.” It comes from my first initial and my last name and has stuck with me ever since.

What’s your favorite pastime when you’re home or off the clock?

I practice "Folsom Prison Blues, Live at Folsom State Prison" by Johnny Cash on my guitar in my living room.


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