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Spiro™, The Brand Experience Agency under the GES Collective, Announces Launch of Thought Leadership Series

Panel Discussions Target Marketers, Event Planners & Focus on Changing Face of Events Industry

(Las Vegas, NV) Oct. 20, 2022 – Spiro™, the global brand experience agency for the NEW NOW™, is proud to announce the launch of n·Spiro™, a thought leadership program dedicated to helping marketing, branding, and event professionals adapt to ongoing industry changes and leverage them to their clients’ and consumers’ benefits.

While today’s events and experiences climate looks nothing like that of a few years ago, Spiro is not only embracing and adapting to these industry changes, but also helping other professionals and businesses do the same.

The program aims to connect the dots between current industry trends and macro-trends on the horizon, pointing to evolving industry examples of transformative brands fighting to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. It will also focus on what businesses and professionals can do to expand value propositions for their customers and better adapt to the post-pandemic NEW NOW and the new rapid-fire, multidirectional state of the events industry.

Centering around what it refers to as the “The Big 5: Innovation, Insights, Ideas, Intelligence & Inspiration,” n·Spiro offers future-focused takeaways through omnichannel content including white papers, featured articles, interviews, videos, and other resources to reflect on a wide range of topics relevant to the industry. Content themes address crucial human needs, evolving consumer behaviors, and the huge change waves disrupting the events industry and how brands might ride them to embrace the power of community and achieve lasting success.

“During a time when many are continuing old offerings and ways of working, Spiro embraces a future that constantly shifts and changes,” said Spiro Global President Jeff Stelmach. “New behaviors or preferences that might seem fringe or insignificant can create changes that permanently shift the status quo. It’s up to our team of futurists, innovators, thinkers, and creators to provide the framework for actionable, inspiring events and experiences – and innovate solutions and opportunities so that our clients and the industry-at-large can do the same.”  

n·Spiro will also present its program’s themes through keynotes, boardroom presentations, and other on-stage and virtual events to select audiences. and Users can register to download the first theme, “Seven Change Waves Impacting the Events Industry,” through Spiro’s website.

“Thought leadership fosters experimentation and innovation,” said Spiro’s Thought Leadership & Innovation Director Beki Winchel. “Questioning the status quo and approaching business and consumer challenges with a different perspective opens a world of opportunities for those willing to take risks. As disruption continues to shake and reshape entire industries, there’s never been a better time to take the leap and gain a competitive edge through pan-industrial intelligence.”

For more about Spiro and the agency’s ongoing efforts to set new industry standards and create more educational opportunities, check out