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Innovation After Devastation: Spiro's Response to Disruption in Global Events Industry the Subject of New Film

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- When the COVID-19 pandemic turned the global events industry on its head, Spiro™, a global brand experience agency under the GES Collective, was among the first to accept that the industry had fundamentally changed – and adapt accordingly. Now, a film series chronicles Spiro's efforts to help brands recover from the crippling effects of the pandemic – and reestablish those human connections that have long proved vital to their success.

Focusing on innovation and disruption leaders in business and commerce, "Innovation After Devastation: An Agency's Quest for Human Connection Through the Power of Immersive Experiences," premiered on on Tuesday.

"Innovation requires accepting that change is the only constant in today's NEW NOW™ reality," says Spiro's Global President Jeff Stelmach. "Today, consumers are telling brands what they want: experiences that transcend physical and spatial boundaries and serve as a catalyst for lasting, loyal, authentic, and thriving communities. While others in the events and experience space might view change as a threat, Spiro has baked it into its culture of innovation."

The film details Spiro's response to the disruption the pandemic caused within the global events and experiences arena – an industry once focused almost entirely on bringing people together in the same place.

It also reveals the unique way that Spiro's community of creators, builders, designers, storytellers, and event and experience professionals adapt to the ever-shifting reality of today – what Spiro calls the NEW NOW. It's one of Spiro's "Core Four" principles used to meet today's audiences where they are and address ongoing behavioral, social, economic, and business changes with which today's brands must contend. 

"At the end of the day, connection is the essence of being human," says Spiro's Global Chief Marketing Officer Carley Faircloth. "It's our primary drive. We connect with other humans, ideas, and inspiration. The connective tissue of all of that is in the experience."

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